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Our Eyebrow Gallery

Eyebrow Treatments


There are many styles of semi permanent eyebrow, but our favourite is a hairstroke brow, often referred to as "microblade" brow. Ultra fine lines to mimic hairs are tattooed behind your natural brow hair to create the perfect shape and add depth to your natural brow – permanently.


There are fixed measurements that apply to every set of brows. Emma will spend time drawing on a shape based on these measurements and then working with you to adjust the shape for your approval before she begins to tattoo.


Clients are often concerned about colour choice, Emma's year's of experience have given her an in-depth understanding of skin type and how the pigments heal in the skin, she will discuss in detail exactly the look you are hoping to achieve.


As with all our semi permanent makeup procedures, the brows are delivered across two treatments. Clients are often very nervous about having a procedure, we understand that and often Emma will select a very natural colour for the first stage of your procedure so that you can get used to having beautiful hair stroke brows. More often than not, when our clients return for their top-up procedure they have fallen in love with their brows and want them slightly darker.


Having the perfect brow shape can lift and open you eyes, taking years off you.


Your friends and family will think you look amazing, without even knowing that you have had you brow tattooed.


Client Quote: "Massively happy with my new eyebrows- lovely when I got glamed-up for dinner last night and lovely to have them still when I woke up this morning!"